Welcome to Pray for Singapore!

Diana and I will use this website to update you on our:

  1. Progress in transitioning from the US to Singapore
  2. Prayer requests for us and HMCC of Singapore
  3. Personal journeys and stories

Ever since Diana and I started courting in March 2014, we made a commitment to regularly pray together for HMCC of Singapore. We felt God’s call to serve the church in Singapore and we have been preparing logistically, mentally, and prayerfully.

More than anything, we want to see God work powerfully in His church in Singapore as His people unite in prayer.

Journey with us in prayer!

We want to be faithful until the end of our season in Ann Arbor so we can enter Singapore faithfully.

As leaders, we want to lead with fresh vision from God as we enter into a new season.

We hope our church members in Singapore will grow stronger in our faith. We are also trying  to strategically reach more college students.

We need God’s supernatural love to grow a heart for the many diverse groups of people living and working in Singapore.

We are trusting in God’s daily provisions. Specifically, Diana will need a job and visa in the coming months before we get married!

You can receive regular email updates by joining our Prayer Team, the Watchmen Team, by signing up here.

We’re thankful for your prayers – please do pray for us and the church in Singapore. We will be updating our site regularly (at least once a week) from now on as we move forward in faith!



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