A Home

Thanks for your prayers!

Over the weekend, some of our church leaders and friends in Singapore were busy looking for and securing an apartment for us. Just a few days ago, I found out that they were able to sign the lease with the housing agent! We now have an apartment to move into!

We wanted to find a place where we could call home and just do life together with people as we do ministry.

Some of our criteria:

1. Accessibility – we wanted both students and our working adults in the church to have easy access to our place
2. Space – we wanted an apartment where we can host people and a meeting space for different smaller group gatherings
3. Affordability – we wanted to get a good deal on our apartment

For the first 6 months or so, another brother from our church and I will be living in the 2-bedroom apartment together. After that, I’ll be flying back to the US and getting married to Diana! Diana and I will move into the same apartment once we both get to Singapore.

Prayer Requests:
Both Diana and I are currently spending the Thanksgiving Day holiday with our family members in New York. We hope that this weekend would be a good time to reconnect with loved ones as it will get increasingly more difficult and sparse in seeing one another. Please pray that we’d be able to love our family with God’s supernatural love and to take every opportunity to serve them well.

With a little under 2 weeks left before I leave for Singapore, please pray that we’ll make the most of our time here in the US and I’ll finish everything well here!

Thank you again for your prayers!


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