Nothing is Impossible with God

Hello, everyone! Here’s an overdue recap of our annual Congregational Retreat that took place on December 13-15.

Our theme for the retreat this year was “Nothing is Impossible with God”. The HMCC of Singapore leaders were sensing that we needed to really focus on the greatness of God and grow in our faith and awe of who God is as we make key transitions.

It was a powerful time just worshiping God, hearing from God’s Word, and building deeper relationships. It was also a good time just struggling through and striving forward together in our real pains, hurts, sins, hardships and making sense of God’s truth in our lives. What made this retreat unique was that I was commissioned as the site pastor by P.Seth and P.Andrew. Then, we capped off the retreat by baptizing one of our sisters, a PhD candidate from China studying at the National University of Singapore!

I was reflecting on two things from this retreat:

  1. Partnership – Members from HMCC of Singapore, HMCC of Jakarta, HMCC of Ann Arbor, HMCC alumni, and even from the future HMCC of Hong Kong were all present at the retreat. It was awesome getting to reconnect with the global HMCC family and worship God together. These are the friendships and partnerships that will continue on for years to come.
  1. Perspective – We’re in it for the long haul. One weekend away for a retreat won’t resolve all the questions or struggles we have in life. Not even a powerful encounter with God will do that in our lifetime. But we are the church who worships an everlasting, faithful God who is committed to building up His church. I am learning more and more how to be fully committed in pastoring our church here and living this life of faith together.

IMG_7427Everyone at the retreat. Nothing is impossible with God. NUTHIN’



Our young sister in Christ, Feng Xiao, gets baptized!


No retreat is complete without a post-retreat meal!

Prayer requests:

Job Search
Diana will begin the process of looking for jobs in Singapore in the coming weeks. Please pray for diligence and trust in God’s provisions.

My current roommate, Varoot, is from Thailand and was also serving at HMCC of Ann Arbor. He took a step of faith and moved out to Singapore to live, work, and be part of our church here. Please pray that God would provide him a job by next month!

Wedding Planning
Diana and I are trying to prepare for a life together here in Singapore. It’s a bit tricky at times communicating since we’re in different countries, but we’re believing it’s a season where we can really grow in the last stage of our singlehood. That said, please pray for our wedding preparations – there’s a lot to cover and plan for, and we just want our marriage to start off in a way that honors God, honors our families, honors one another, and our friends.
Thank you for your continued partnership in prayer. Have a great week!


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