Still New

Three weeks. Since I landed in Singapore three weeks ago, I haven’t afforded myself the time to pause, reflect and get my bearings.

On the first day of 2015, I took the opportunity to pray and think through what I’ve been sensing and learning so far. It’s sobering to know that I’m not even scratching the surface yet since I’m still so new; and that doing life and ministry here will just take time.

IMG_20150101_183233(at the “HortPark” minutes from where I live)

Though Singapore itself is a relatively small nation, it is diverse, has a rich and complex narrative and there’s a lot to take in. Also, I’m really just starting off as a pastor, so there’s much to learn and grow in.

So, before trying to think of something new, I tried to be still and listen. I strolled around a local park, and reflected on some Scripture.

In the stillness, one thing I felt like God was speaking to me about was to remain faithful. In my impatience and eagerness to jump into things, I sometimes rush ahead of God and busy myself with more, new things. Other times, I get lost in the monotony of the “same old” and lose perspective. Instead, I need to be a faithful steward, wisely investing my life into the lives of others so that they too would become more like Christ and make more disciples.

It won’t happen overnight. It won’t be clean. It won’t always be clear-cut. It’s supposed to be hard.

Our church members celebrated together on New Year’s Eve. One of our church leaders asked us to describe 2014 in one word, and what we hope to see in 2015 in one word.


I described 2014 as “Finally”.
Finally pursuing after and partnering together with the love of my life, Diana. Finally being sent out by our church on missions. Finally arriving in Singapore after 2 years of preparation.

For 2015? “Soak”.
I want to learn, take in, and soak in the things that God has already been doing here. Just because I am finally here in Singapore doesn’t mean that God will do something new on my behalf. Before longing for the new things, I need to see what God already has been doing through His Church in this region and ask, “How can I get involved in God’s work?”

So, here’s to a whole season of being the new guy, being still and “soaking” in all that God is and has been doing in Singapore!


Prayer Requests:
I met up with a key ministry leader in the area who has an extensive network with the Singapore church leaders. Through this connection, there may be some opportunities for Diana to work alongside one of the seminaries or ministry organizations! Please pray for faithfulness on our part, and that God would open the way for Diana to come to Singapore later this year!

Our brother, Varoot, had an interview for one of the companies he really hopes to work for in the future. They have quite an intense interview process, so we are praying that the first round went well and that he’ll get called back for another round. Please pray for God’s provision for Varoot’s job and that this season would be one where he can trust God more and more!

The church leaders and I are assessing where we are at as a church before moving forward. Please pray for unity within the leadership as we engage in much-needed, difficult discussions to really see our church grow in Christ-like character and be on mission for God in this city!


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