Still Here

I (Diana) couldn’t help myself with the blog title.

It’s been a whirlwind month, and there aren’t many signs of things slowing down…or warming up  (The weather is currently 10°F/-12.2°C. Hello Arctic Tundra!).

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.52.44 PM(LIFE group snacks that froze in the car. no snack is safe here)

Praise God because I was finally able to finish my resume with the help of a good friend and have begun to distribute it to some people with connections in Singapore. Honestly speaking, it can get difficult to trust in God’s plan when it feels like your life is measured and judged by numbers and titles: GPA, degrees, pedigree, income, weight, etc.  Nevertheless, I’ve been learning that God works best when His power can be clearly displayed. I’m praying/trusting/praying again/trying-to-trust-better that God will provide the right job at the right time.

Recently, I saw a clip of “Millionaire Matchmaker”.  It’s a show (that you really don’t ever have to watch) where a matchmaker finds “suitable” partners for millionaires.  Millionaires have the opportunity to pick their own mate from a pre-screened herd of singles.  As you can imagine, they often pick wrong and the matchmaker heroically swoops in to save them with a better match.  Like finding a needle in a haystack, the matchmaker said something pretty profound: “people don’t know what they want or need”.  I’m tempted to describe the perfect job that would perfectly provide, perfectly make sense, perfectly make me happy, followed by an extensive explanation of why I NEED it. But when I look at my track record of knowing what’s best for me in terms of past jobs, schools, etc., I’m a millionaire fool.  As I remember the detours/dead-ends/delays of my life, I see how God always knew better – what I once scorned as a “safety school” became the place where God transformed my life, the job that I looked down on became a place of steady provision and daily sharpening, the guy who I once thought wasn’t for me, was actually…for me.

Instead of asking everyone to pray for a million dollar job, I’d like to ask for prayers for the right job.  A few years ago, my mentor challenged me with this verse and it’s stayed with me ever since:

“Give me enough food to live on, neither too much nor too little. If I’m too full, I might get independent, saying, ‘God? Who needs him?’ If I’m poor, I might steal and dishonor the name of my God.” (Proverbs 30:8-9 MSG)

The leaders of our church have been reading “Prayer” by Tim Keller, and he writes that recognizing your helplessness is a requirement for prayer.  In this helplessness, I’m praying and believing that God will provide perfectly.


One thought on “Still Here

  1. As always, eloquently written. Entertaining, yet profound. Also, are you kidding me?!? Millionaire Matchmaker is THE BOMB. I don’t even call it a guilty pleasure b/c I ain’t even ashamed!


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