Started Together. Finish Together.

We started together – we’re going to finish together.

Since our last update, both our churches in Ann Arbor and in Singapore were engaged in a church-wide, 2 week-long fast. It was from January 18-31 and we concluded it this past weekend.

During that time, we started a whole new season of our church. And you know what? It’s not too difficult to start something. But in order to finish well, it takes real, hard commitment.

Here’s what we started:
We introduced our church theme for the year, “Multiply Relationships”. We want to see more lives transformed by the love of Christ – and we’re going to deepen our relationship with God and build strong relationships within the church as we love the community around us.

We also kicked off our new sermon/Bible study series, called, “Breakthrough”. We will study and preach through the entire book of Acts in the Bible from now until August. We hope to see breakthroughs in our faith and in our lives as we learn to depend on the Holy Spirit.

We had our very first leadership retreat for our 8 church leaders who have been serving in our church. As we were sharing bits and pieces of our lives – particularly those “kairos” (opportune) moments where we feel like God is speaking to us, I realize that we are just scratching the surface.

Whether we want to see breakthroughs or multiplied relationships – that takes real guts, determination, dependence on God, and dedication. I want to develop in my “no matter what” attitude to love on people!
A glimpse of the past few weeks:

Bonding with the Bros – some of the fellas from the church on a bicycle outing @ Pulau Ubin. Relationships and trust take time to build. And muscles. You need muscles…

ur first Sunday Celebration of 2015 (18 January)! We kicked off our church theme and new sermon series. We’re striving to become a faith-filled community and live out the Gospel together!

icking off the One Desire Fast with a salad lunch!

During our very first leadership retreat, we started digging deeper into our lives to see genuine transformation in the Gospel! A few of our leaders modeling our church t-shirts. Because. Fabulous.

We finished One Desire Fast 2015! Breaking Fast – so much hunger. so much food. Mostly fried chicken.

It takes commitment to see breakthroughs. It takes commitment to multiply relationships. We’re in this for the long haul.

Pray for us:
1. “In sickness or in health” – Diana’s been sick for the past 2 weeks. Please pray for a full recovery.

2. Job search – Let’s believe that God will provide Diana a job!

3. Location –  We’re still on the hunt for a consistent location to meet regularly on Sunday mornings. We’re exploring some options and we need discernment and your prayers!

We started this together. We’re going to finish together.


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