How I Got My Job

Hey folks!

This is Pastor Joe. Today’s blog will be from my friend and roommate, Varoot. I wanted to update y’all because I previously asked for your prayers that Varoot would find a job in Singapore so he could live and work here.

Guess what? Prayers answered: Varoot got a job and just completed his first full work week. BOOM! God is our faithful Provider.

Varoot is originally from Thailand and we met at our church in Ann Arbor back in 2010. Since then, we’ve had the privilege of partnering together in the ministry and witnessing God do awesome things through HMCC. He had to leave the US in 2014 after his visa expired and prayed through coming to Singapore to help serve the church and city. We’re currently living together and anticipating what God has in store for us and our church. I’ve been so grateful for Varoot’s friendship, commitment and making decisions based on faith during this transitional year. He’s the real deal!

In his own words…

Hello, Prayer For Singapore readers!

This is Varoot writing as a guest blogger. Thank you guys for praying for my job searching. I have got a job and just finished my first week. Everything happened so quickly and I’d like to share with you guys some of the things I’ve learned during the process.

I moved to Singapore roughly the same time Pastor Joe did. I have to admit I was quite nervous about my job search because I had been applying for jobs online since October but did not have any response so far. I became insecure and wasn’t sure if my experience or my skills was enough for me to get a job here.

Soon as I got to Singapore, I got contacted via LinkedIn and got an interview. I was very excited, but after the interview, the company didn’t get back to me. I had some other interviews here and there, and I noticed that I would get excited whenever there was a progress on my job search, but when things seemed quiet, I would get very frustrated. There was even one point that I wanted to apply for jobs in other cities, just to prove that I was wanted—that I was worth something.

I realized that I had put my security and worth in my career, so when One Desire Fast came, I knew I needed to surrender my career to God.

I spent two weeks of One Desire Fast in Thailand because I could only stay for 30 days without a working visa in Singapore. On Tuesday of the second week of the fast, I found myself very frustrated again, worrying about what I would do if I spent another 30 days in Singapore and still haven’t found a job. If that’s the case, then I would run out of money. I would have to leave Singapore and have no means to come back. Even if I get a job by the end of February, how would I support myself in March when I already used up all my savings, etc.

Soon realized that I was frustrated again because I hadn’t heard back from any companies or recruiters for 5 days. So I told myself, “You know what? there’s no need to be frustrated, I’m sure God is preparing something for me tomorrow. I just need to trust in Him.”

Wednesday morning, I got a call from a recruiter telling me this start-up called Smartkarma wanted to schedule an interview with me. I told him I was coming back to Singapore on Saturday, so we scheduled Monday for the interview. On Monday, I went to their office, which is in Changi Business Park (very near the airport but very far from where I live right now), and the interview went really well. I found out one of the co-founders is a Christian (despite the name of the company) and I really liked what they do. The next day I had the second round with their adviser via Skype, and Wednesday I got a job offer from them! I accepted it right away, and the next Monday (this past Monday), I started my first day of job.

Working is great. Singaporeans really work hard. God really knows what I need. He knows what He is doing and we can trust that. My working visa has been approved now and I will get my first paycheck by the end of the month. Again, thank you everyone for praying for me. Now that I’m working, I’m understanding more about the stress and the tiredness that other people in the church probably feel. Please continue to pray for Singapore and for the people. Thank you.

profile-600^ That’s Varoot! (picture was taken at his current office)

2 updates:

Diana wasn’t feeling well since mid-January. She’s had chronic migraines. We were praying for Diana and she made a full recovery this past week!We are steadily finding different avenues and connections in our search for a consistent meeting location for our church gatherings. This weekend, we’ll be meeting at a unique part of Singapore called Geylang. It has a lively but controversial reputation – great food, small businesses, home to the national Sports Coliseum, and also home to the nation’s red light district.

Please pray for:

Direction and discernment. There are a lot of potential opportunities to serve the community here in Singapore through our church. Our meeting location will be very important to both the health of our church as well as how we live out our vision and mission to see more lost people transformed into Christ’s disciples. We want our meeting locations to be accessible to our church members, but just as important, we want to be purposeful about where we meet. We want to be an integral part of the surrounding community and to the students on campus.

Please pray for wisdom and discernment as we try to be find our focus, make strategic decisions, and be sensitive to how God is leading our church.

Thanks for praying y’all!


One thought on “How I Got My Job

  1. Hey, pastor Joe; just wanted to let you know that I am encouraged by this writing. Thanks also to Varoot in light of sharing the dilemma of frustration yet trying to trust God in time of waiting for His provision.


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