!gnited for the red light district

Diana here again!

It’s been four weeks in Singapore and every day has been its own adventure.

  • In 7 hours, HMCC of Singapore will be starting its annual !gnite missions conference from Saturday to Sunday.
  • In 2 days, we will be sending a missions team for a week of ministry in Singapore’s red light district.

Yes. Singapore has a red light district.

Since my first week in Singapore, I’ve been training with our missions team to learn more about what sex slavery looks like in Singapore, what the government is doing about, and soon we will find out what God is doing about it here.  I’m SO excited to partner with a ministry called Tamar Village.  They are committed to reaching, rescuing, and rehabilitating people who are caught in prostitution (on either side of the enslavement).  This missions project will be a lot of learning, training, praying, and evangelizing to anyone God leads us to.

SO PLEASE PRAY FOR US. I’m keeping this entry short so that in the five extra minutes you would have spent reading this, you could spend it praying for us instead.

Here are 3 things we’d love prayer for!

  1. For our church in Singapore to be !gnited with a passion for the mission God has given us to reach the lost
  2. For a heart of readiness for our missions team. We haven’t had a lot of time to prepare and the nature of our mission requires us to be ready for anything at anytime.  We want to be willing and available to do whatever God asks us to do – no matter how uncomfortable/scared/unqualified we may feel.
  3. For God to open doors and hearts in Geylang (the red light district we will be going to)

Here’s a picture of our team! The team was joking that this is truly the most authentic “I need prayer” prayer card picture ever because two of us were super sick with a cold and a migraine when we took the picture.

While nothing can hold us back, only God can get us there.



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