Aaaaaaand we’re done!

A little over one week ago, we finished two back-to-back missions projects and hosting two missions teams from our sister HMCC churches!

Overall, the missions projects were awesome, and I’ve been able to process what I’ve learned. Here are three lessons: Partnership – Participation – Perspective.


Partnerships reinforce common values.

Since last year, we’ve continued the partnership with the Tamar Village ministry to reach out to the Geylang community. We’ve sent three missions teams to see what God is doing and to pray for and minister to the families there.

This year was a first for us, as HMCC of Singapore, hosted two different mission projects with a local focus on reaching both a local community and a University campus.

It was so helpful gaining perspective from Pastor Seth and Pastor Andrew. It was also refreshing connecting with both teams from HMCC of Hong Kong and HMCC of Jakarta.

I believe it was meaningful for our church to partner with and serve alongside other believers who share the same vision and mission. We were able to demonstrate for one another how we are living out God’s calling for us.


Participation strengthens ownership.

One of the lessons learned for our HMCC of Singapore mission team was an encouragement to step up our ownership. In past years, we were grateful to receive some outside help in reaching out to University students. This was mostly because majority of our church is comprised of working professionals and young families who don’t have the opportunity and accessibility to spend much time oncampus.

Now as we’re entering into a new academic year, we realize that we’re not meant to just rely on outside help from other churches indefinitely. No matter what our personality type, strengths, gifting, weaknesses, experiences – the commission of making Christ disciples and evangelism is for us!

I’ve been encouraged to see how our local church has really stepped up to the plate and is reinvigorated to invest in the next generation of students!


Perspective: Build lives, not ministries.

Lastly, if we focus on making disciples, God will grow the church. The more I worry about building a church ministry, I tend to lose perspective on God’s calling and professionalize Jesus’ Great Commission.

I was reminded through our missions projects to focus on the main thing: Love God, love people.

Here are some pictures of both missions projects:
(Note: Due to the sensitive nature of some of the communities we were ministering to, we are unable to post pictures of the local community members online. So, nearly all of the images are of our HMCC church members!)


20160607-AMP2016-DSCF5684HMCC of Hong Kong partnering with HMCC of Singapore to for Worship Outreach and Prayer Walking along the brothels in Geylang.


20160608-AMP2016-DSCF5717LIFE Group oncampus! Building our LIFE Group ministry and worshiping on the heart of the NUS campus.


Students reaching out to students! HMCC of Hong Kong missions team reaching out and meeting new NUS students during our Game Night.


HMCC of Jakarta and HMCC of Singapore’s first night together as a whole team! Getting to know one another!

Picture1A complete picture of both HMCC of Jakarta and HMCC of Singapore’s missions team for the joint 2016 Singapore Missions Project.

Worship Outreach and Evangelism on the streets of Geylang.


Picture2After worship together at our Sunday Celebration. Pastor Andrew from HMCC of Jakarta delivered God’s Word. We were encouraged to partner and worship God together!


Prayer Request:
The new academic year will begin soon in early August! Please pray that our church would faithfully prepare for to receive and reach out to new University students to see more lost people transformed into Christ’s disciples!