New School Year!

The vision of our church is to multiply churches on campuses and cities to transform the next generation among the nations.

Meaning, no matter what stage of life we’re in, we’re focused on reaching students and making disciples of Christ on campuses! This is a huge part of why Diana and I moved to Singapore, investing our lives in students is something we’re passionate about.

During the first week of August, we held “Operation Campus Reach”, or “OCR”, for short. OCR is when we welcome in new students at the beginning of the new school year and introduce them to biblical community and Jesus Christ.

We’ve been meeting new students along the way and have been steadily building relationships with them. We’ve mainly met a lot of international students and it’s been great sharing some local Singaporean culture and helping some folks adjust to their new home.

In fact, realizing that we have a mostly international group, we’ve named our campus LIFE Group, “HOME”, which stands for “Having One Mission Eternally: To welcome people home”. We want to be a home away from home, but also welcome people into a relationship with Christ!

A couple of reflections:

  1. It’s kind of wild to think that after over 1 year of living and working in Singapore, we can now welcome other foreigners into our new home. I think this time, last year, Diana and I were still kind of blindsided by all the transitions in our lives and we were still unfamiliar with our new surroundings – it was difficult to imagine that we’d ever be in the position of welcoming others instead of being welcomed ourselves.
  2. I’ve personally been encouraged by the people in our church. They’ve been awesome about taking steps of commitment and faith to invest in students. It’s no easy task to step outside of what’s familiar and enter into an environment most people leave behind for good after graduation. As one person put it, I’m so glad that we’re not alone in loving and serving a whole new generation of students.

IMG_3831Playing Ultimate Frisbee oncampus! A lot of first-time Ultimate players!

IMG_3848Introducing new students to Singapore’s National Day celebrations with a home-cooked meal and a holiday hangout!


IMG_3920Touring around Marina Bay on bikes – we even got to ride around on the national F1 racing track! 🙂

IMG_3965Pizza-making party (I think this may have been my favorite!)

For this month’s prayer requests, please pray specifically for the campus LIFE Group using our LIFE Group values as a guide:

  1. Open Doors – Please pray that we’d always welcome in new students and friends and pursue genuine friendships. We’re specifically praying for undergraduate students and student leaders who’d influence other students.
  2. Unity – Please pray that as we build community together, that we would grow in unity – unity as a church family and unity in our faith.
  3. Real Love – Please pray that as disciples of Christ, we would grow deeper in love with God and genuinely care for one another. Please pray that we wouldn’t give up on one another as we strive forward in faith and point one another to Christ!



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