She said, “Yes!”

The month of September is a special one for (more recent) personal reasons.

Here are two of them:

10th September 2014 – Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower said, “Yes” to me by approving my work visa so I could move and live in Singapore.

13th September 2014 – Miss Diana Jhin said, “Yes” to me when I asked her to marry me so we can live the rest of our lives together.


I’m blessed by both “Yes’s”

This past week, my working visa was approved a second time! That means my family and I can stay in Singapore for 3 more years!

As far as Diana and I know, we’re called to make Singapore our home for a long time – we plan on raising our kids here and we’re in it for the long haul. We’ve had the mindset of buying “one-way tickets” from the US.

Even though we’ve made that commitment, that’s not entirely up to us on the practical end. We were sent out by our local church in the US, we were received by our church community here in Singapore, and we can stay because the government allows us to. In all of this, we are believing by faith that God is sovereign and has called us to be here for His purposes.

Someone recently asked me how “I knew” that Diana was “the one”.  This, too, wasn’t totally up to me. I honestly had no idea how Diana would respond when I first approached her to be in a relationship (looking back, it was kind of a proposal to be honest…). I was genuinely surprised when Diana said her first, “Yes”.

The way I see it, before I chose Diana, she chose me. Before we chose to come to Singapore, God chose us to follow Him.

Saying “Yes” every day

At the beginning of this year, Diana and I came up with a theme to commit ourselves to. For us, it was simply “Faithfulness”.

I’ve been learning that daily faithfulness is driven by hope – hope in Christ – that he’s not through with us yet. If there’s nothing to look forward to, there’s little reason for daily diligence. And this hope in God is fueled by gratitude. Once I lose sight of God being my Sovereign Lord, Provider and Guide – I start forgetting immediately, get hard-hearted, then get worn out. And this gratitude? Gratitude is learned and must be willfully exercised as a joyful acknowledgement of God’s unfailing love and goodness. Every day.

Long before I said, “Yes”, God had a “Yes” for all those He would draw to Himself in Christ, and who would believe. That is an amazing truth to live by.

2 Corinthians 1:20-22 (ERV)
2The yes to all of God’s promises is in Christ. And that is why we say “Amen” through Christ to the glory of God.21 And God is the one who makes you and us strong in Christ. God is also the one who chose us for his work. 22 He put his mark on us to show that we are his. Yes, he put his Spirit in our hearts as the first payment that guarantees all that he will give us. 

We are His in Christ! AMEN!


Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for the health of our incoming baby and for Diana’s health too! We’re exactly 1 month away from our baby’s due date!

2. Please pray for God’s financial provisions. We have started raising support for our new year in Singapore and there is a lot to cover with the baby on the way. We’re believing by faith that God will raise up supporters to partner with us in finances and prayer! (If you’re interested in giving, please visit our giving page)

3. Pray that our church would do the work of getting deeper in our relationship with God, relationships with one another, and with ourselves.

4. Pray for our upcoming H-Games (October 1st), where we’ll go bowling together as a church and reach out to friends, colleagues, and students. Pray that we’d exemplify God’s love and grace towards others while we enjoy ourselves!



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