One week in October…

On this week in October…

32 years ago,  my beautiful wife, Diana, was born. I am tremendously blessed by her persevering spirit, her newfound joyous affection as a mother, truthfulness, and courageous heart. It’s my privilege that she said yes to me. How brave. I don’t deserve her.

fullsizerender-2(we spent Diana’s birthday at the hospital while waiting for Judah’s jaundice treatment – he’s doing OK!)

3 years ago, my beloved mother went to be with our Lord. I think about her a lot. I appreciate her more and more as time goes by – and it’s hard not to feel sorry sometimes that I didn’t appreciate my own mother fully when we were together. She pointed me to God. She was great. I miss her. So much.

img_4576(there was a certain way mom held my arm)


1 week ago, we welcomed our precious son, Judah. That’s really the only way I can describe my son, “precious”. I can just look at him for hours and be filled with joy – and he doesn’t have to do a thing. Imagine! How much deeper God’s grace is…



Every October, this particular week is important for our family. This week is a celebration of fragile, precious life. It’s both heart-wrenching and heartwarming reminders of the blessings and burdens God grants us. It is also a time where I learn that worshiping God is possible in any season and every circumstance. I can praise God in the storm, I can praise God in the calm, I can praise God in my sadness, I can praise God in my joy.

This past week, I am reminded of all this by how God lavishes His grace to us through Christ:

“In Christ, He chose us before the world was made. He chose us in love to be His holy people – people who could stand before Him without any fault. And before the world was made, God decided to make us His own children through Jesus Christ. This was what God wanted, and it pleased Him to do it. And this brings praise to God because of His wonderful grace. God gave that grace freely. He gave us that grace in Christ, the one He loves.” (Ephesians 1:4-6, ERV)



Prayer Requests:
Deeper capacity for love – Please pray that Diana and I would grow in the knowledge of God’s love as parents, grow in our capacity to love and serve our family, and become a blessing to many others as we keep the focus on Jesus.

Anticipation – Please pray for our church. We are full of anticipation. Whether it’s a new season with new happenings, or striving to hope in God as we wait for breakthroughs and persevere in faithfulness. We’re looking forward to a year-end retreat in 5 weeks time. Please help intercede for us that we would encounter God together.

Provisions – Please pray that Diana and I would trust God would provide for our every need as a family as we continue raising funds. We have been tremendously blessed by our family, friends, and church’s generous support through the years. We are trusting God that He’ll continue providing through our partners in this season.





“Stand Together”


Yesterday, our family of HMCC churches started a prayer campaign called, “Stand Together”.

Now, for us, this is both abnormal and normal at the same time.

It’s abnormal for us as the HMCC churches, because our normal pattern for the past several years has been a fairly regular one where we’ve organized a concerted time of prayer and fasting sometime in January across our churches. So, this prayer campaign is abnormally scheduled in our calendar year.

But prayer is also normal, because the way we actively build on our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord is through prayer. We can say that the main activity of the church is to worship God, or to make disciples, or teach and live by God’s Word. And that’s all true. But all of these are expressed by the church only when we are empowered by God Himself, as the church prays in utter dependence and hope in God.

Continually praying together is and should be normal for the church.

Several weeks ago, as the other HMCC pastors and I were meeting (over video-chat), Diana and I were sharing some of our church and family needs. At some point, one of our pastors asked me if I could name just one thing that would be a “game-changer” for our church in Singapore.

I realized in that moment that the things I wanted to request were mostly to do with some kind of quick, external change of circumstance. Now, I still believe and am willing to actively work for a change in circumstance, if possible. But underlying any external change, I realized that what I needed, what my family needs, what our church needs, is to be emboldened in our faith through prayer.

We need an overcoming faith that trust in God despite uncertain circumstances and our inconsistent heart-conditions.

At times, claiming “thoughts and prayers” may seem like an easy cop-out… good intentions without real action, and therefore, little consequence. But as I study God’s Word, have listened to testimonies, and have witnessed hundreds of real testimonies of lives transformed, I believe humble, faithful prayers always enable and empower action. It is God moving and inspiring the church leaders to assemble our congregations to pray. It was always God who moved and inspired His people to humble themselves and pray in the face of great odds, urgently and persistently calling out the name of the LORD.

As our churches “stand together” in prayer this season, I invite you to join us. As we pray, God does and is faithful to move His church to obedience. We will rise again. We will overcome, just as Christ overcame the grave!


Join us! Here’s how you can pray with us:

  1. Victorious Faith – Pray for an overcoming faith and a solid inner resolve for HMCC of Singapore. We want to grow into the calling God has for us through maturing in our faith! Pray with us for the next 2 weeks during our “Stand Together” prayer campaign!
  2. Navigating Transitions – Our family and our church are undergoing major personal transitions this season. Please pray for wisdom and patience as we navigate through expanding families, new jobs, moving, and sharing the Gospel to colleagues and new college students.
  3. Financial Provision – Diana and I are trusting God will provide the financial resources our family needs as we are expecting and planning on raising our first child. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us through prayers and your giving. You can check out more information here on our support page!