New Year’s #2 in Singapore!

Happy New Year everyone!  It’s our 2nd New Year’s in Singapore as a family and admittedly, we rang in the new year sleeping as most parents of newborns would do (right?).

Joe’s family came to town for Christmas and we all had a great time. Speaking as someone who’s grown up in a typical nuclear family (4 members, 2 kids, 1 son, 1 daughter), it was really fun celebrating with a large clan. I loved spending more quality time with my new relatives, connecting on a deeper level, and seeing everyone welcome Judah to the family with SO.MUCH.LOVE. By the time everyone left, I suddenly became really homesick (or is it family-sick?) because it was so great connecting and being altogether.


With the start of the new year, this is exactly the kind of family and community we want our church to be for one another. It’s been beautiful to see God add to our number with children, and we have more on the way! As the face of our community changes (with jobs, marriage, children), we want the intimacy and devotion of our community to keep going deeper.

In university, I remember our pastor would often warn us that as people age, their devotion to God gets tested more, and it’s common to see people take a break from their faith or completely walk away from it.

As our church grows, we want to go against the grain and experience a greater transformation and exhibit a deeper devotion that will challenge the status quo. At our recent congregational retreat, we were challenged to be victorious in this and to commit to growing in this area.

Please pray with us as we begin the new year! Here are some prayer requests:

  1. Our church community: to grow a deeper devotion to God and a greater commitment to one another
  2. Our campus ministry: to make solid contacts with local and international undergraduate students who are open to discipleship, in order to lay down a foundation for a campus ministry.
  3. The Yun family: for a deeper foundation in our marriage and for God’s provisions/anointing as we raise Judah
  4. Our leadership summit this Friday: for God to refuel us with His strength and vision for the rest of this ministry year

Also, with the start of the new year, we’d like to invite you to commit to continue supporting us in prayer and giving!  We are still trying to reach our support raising goals and would love your help.

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